Prompt Night- Guardian

Came as a result of this prompt:

“Just… just be careful, D. If you wake the guardian be respectful. Here, take this staff, it was my grandfather’s… they liked him.”

Her voice trailed off as he looked at her with a bemused look. Fidgeting with her talisman, a dark orange and white stone with coiled copper holding it that hung around her neck, she sighed.

“I know. You don’t have to say it, I know.”

He said nothing, only smiled down at her, staff in one hand and a small satchel of stones in the other.

“Lizza, I was selected for this. The elders wouldn’t have picked me if they didn’t think I could handle it.”

He shook his head, then kissed her forehead and walked toward the mouth of the river.

She trailed behind him, muttering to herself and wondering if they hadn’t selected him just to get rid of him. He was her betrothed, but he was also an idiot. Something she was fully aware of.

She stayed several steps behind him, not wanting to be caught up should something come at them. Moments after the thoughts passed her mind, the waters at their feet, began to swirl and bubble up.

“Who dares disturb the Guardians of this forest?”

Several large boulders near them rumbled and rolled closer to them, colliding and pressing together until a great being of boulders and water stood before them. Pale blue light carved intricate designs across its surface.

“We are of the Tra’an tribe. I have been sent to strike an accord with you.”

The being laughed, a deep rumbling sound that shook the ground beneath them. Reaching forward, it picked D up and dangled him in the air. The staff dropped from his hands as he swung around, yelping and babbling incoherently.

“They send this mewling whelp to strike an accord? I have eaten braver rodents for my snacks.”

With a grunt and disgusted huff, the Guardian flung D across the water and against a rock. His body slid down the rocks and into the water with barely a splash.

“Lizza, daughter of Aganon. It is good to see you again. You were so small when last you came. Why have you brought such a soft and dull-eyed fool?”

She bowed deeply to the Guardian, then picked up her grandfather’s staff where it had fallen near her feet.

“It was not I who picked him, but the elders. They did not feel a female was a suitable supplicant to your greatness. They are fools and blind to the ways of the forest. We must protect them from themselves Great One.”

Again she bowed and smiled quietly. Her grandfather had taught her the ways of the Guardians, he had raised her to take his place. The elders were fools if they thought she’d let this insult pass.

“They are indeed. The greatest among us is the Mother. She would see them reminded of that, I will make sure of it.”

She nodded, keeping her face smooth and emotionless.

“But for this accord, you and your line will always rest well in our embrace. The others… will prosper as well as they follow you. Let them hear these words and eat their own.”

For a being made of rock, his grin was all the more chilling. She bowed and thanked him before turning and returning the way they had come. She left D to his watery bed, if he lived he would learn. If he did not… that was the way of nature.



Mad Momma – Prompt Night

This short bit came as a result of the following image:

6469509c5a5c15a4c6009deb4a5e19b1--spider-art-mythological-creatures.jpgStory Time:

The cavern walls echoed with her raspy yell. Her children scattered between her legs. She had been woken from her slumbers by the sound of her babies shrieking in terror. Fear and anger had propelled her from her roost to the room where her children were tucked safely in their webbing. What greeted her was the sight of some adventurers attempting to set fire to her precious little ones.

Shooting with blind rage, she had cast webs in their direction, not caring where she caught them. Within minutes they were encased in a ball of webs. She could hear their muffled yells and screams but cared little if they lived or died.

“Mommy’s here. Shh, you’re safe.”

She took several minutes to soothe and calm her children before sending them back to their beds. Several of the youngest refused to be calmed, instead, they clung to her worse than any webbing could.

Turning her attention back to the webbing encased adventures, she could see where at least one of the more endeavoring of their party had begun to attempt to cut their way out. A small blade point peeked out of the webbing but was withdrawn a moment later. They could cut their way out, but she knew from experience it would take them far longer than they hoped. She glared at them as she pondered her options. The torch they had been attempting to use on her babes was laying on the ground, dropped and forgotten, and now sputtering with only the tiniest of embers remaining. She smiled.

“You know what they say… do unto others and you would have them do unto you. It seems you like a very warm reception…”

Making her way across the short distance of the cavern, she bent and picked up the torch. Blowing on it gently, she coaxed the flame back to life. When it was to her liking she lowered it until it rested on the head of one of the adventures. It was only a moment before they themselves became a torch.

She backed away quickly, not wishing to join their glowing display. Her children whimpered behind her.

“Shh my loves, they won’t bother us again.”


Shroom Planet – Prompt Night Response

Prompt Nights on Discord are a wonderful way to get inspired to create new stories and new worlds. This story came as a result of the following image:

shroomp prompt

Story Time:

Alaric set his craft down as gently as possible on the foreign landscape. It was the tenth planet they had checked in nearly as many months. At this rate, his crew would be threatening mutiny if he didn’t give them shore leave soon. He made a mental note to send a pingback to the headquarters after their current assignment was complete. He hoped and prayed the powers that be would see reason and grant them some time off.

Clicking the screen from nav to viewport, he took in their new surroundings. It was unlike any of the other planets they had touched down on. Most were dark, angry worlds or just plain dead and hot. This one though was almost ethereal. The light filtering through the clouds had an almost misty feel to them. There were giant mushroom-like structures sprouting across the landscape and what looked like small pools of water at their base. The colors reminded him of a pastel painting with fairies and unicorns he had once seen in an exhibit on Old Earth.

“Cap, you seen the newest gorram playground they sent us to? Looks like fucking cotton candy land.”

He frowned over at Megatha, his second in command, and shook his head. The woman was a looker, but she had the mouth of a smuggler. Flipping her braid back over her shoulder she hitched her gun pack onto her back and led the way to the back bay doors. Together they slapped on their breather helms and took cautious steps onto the alien terrain.

“Cap, take a look at this. I think it’s a door. Think we should knock or kick?”

Alaric closed his eyes and counted silently to five. Opening his eyes, he looked over at Meg and shook his head. She knew better, they had this discussion at least once on nearly every outing he took her on.

“I’m going to stop taking you with me on these things, Meg. You can’t just kick in a door because you want to. We will knock. We are civilized and want to make friends, not have more folks want to kick our already limping asses.”

For her part, Megatha just grunted and nodded before knocking on the door. A tad harder than necessary, but at least it was a knock. They waited several moments, but no one answered. She banged again, this time making no pretense about knocking.

“No one’s home, Cap.”

“Thank you, Ms. Obvious. Let’s take a look around, maybe they’re out and about.”

Within moments of saying that he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning slowly, he noted the outline of something just below the surface of one of the pools of water. Stepping closer slowly. Kneeling at the edge of the water, he leaned closer to get a better look. Before he could blink or cry out he felt his body pulled from the edge and into the water. Arms and tails surrounded him, pulling him deeper under the water.

His last thoughts were of his crew and that they’d be led by Megatha now. He sent up a prayer as darkness pulled him deeper. His last thought was to wonder what the sharpness piercing his neck was.


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Prompt Night: Steal Your Breath

Another night of prompts on the Discord server means another short story to share. This time it was based off this gem of a prompt:

STORY TIME                                    prompt 1

He leaned over the pool of water, reveling in the inky darkness reflected back at him. It was nearly done. The better part of a decade of work and planning was about to come to fruition and the power was about to be his. A low cackle crept out of him, growing louder as he realized the extent of what he was about to do.

Abigail sauntered into his lair and frowned at him from the entryway. She had warned him against doing exactly what he was about to do. He steeled himself for yet another lecture on responsibility and power from her. It didn’t come. Instead, she just shook her head and walked over to the small sink near his supply shelves. She filled a bowl with fresh water, placed it on a side table and laid a clean cloth near it. He frowned at her but said nothing. She wasn’t going to stop him.

“Do as you will. As you do, you will receive.”

She nodded once then left the room.

Snorting at her, he turned his attention back to the pool before him, the waters had begun to swirl and change. Streaks of blues and silver swirled with the inkiness. Vague outlines of faces appeared in the water, one overlapping another until no single one was distinct from another.

Releasing the clasp on his cloak, he let it fall to his feet. Standing bare to the world, he spread his arms and raised them above his head. With a roar he let his head fall back and his eyes closed.

“Father Time and Mother Earth, I claim these fools as my reward. They deny your claim and revoke their worth. …Let their power be one with mine!”

Winds picked up and began blowing around his body, surrounding it with a warm wind, the feeling of fingers danced across his skin, caressing every inch of him. He gasped as they invaded him everywhere. He twitched and groaned as the winds picked up. The wind turned to nails. Caresses became scratches biting into him. Falling to his knees, he curled into the fetal position, whimpering.

At last, it was over, the wind abated and he laid naked and alone, his body bleeding and his head throbbing as the power-filled and overwhelmed his system. Blacking out, he gasped as he felt the power of the souls fill even his lungs.

Waking up, the first thing he saw was Abigail kneeling next to him, a rag in hand and the bowl of water beside her.

“You are the biggest fool ever to walk this planet.”

She shook her head and frowned down at him.

“I pray you never take a breath without remembering the breaths you’ve taken away. The souls you killed just for an inch more power.”

She stood and stared down at him, then tossed the rag at his face and walked away, leaving him to his pain in the darkness of his lair.



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Blog Prompt #2 – Fears and Darkness


Prompt #2: Make a list of five things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to your character.

So the lovely Amanda has posted her 2nd prompt challenge. I had some difficulty with this one. I don’t have a huge list of things I’m afraid of, but finally, I came up with my list of 5.

The story was another challenge. I thought I had settled on another installment of my previous challenge story, but what I ended up with is very different. This lovely little story came out of a Prompt Night on one of the Discord writer servers I’m on. 

I hope you enjoy! 

I chose to use #5 on my list of fears:

5. Losing use/control of my body.


Pushing her way through the brush, Marni sighed and hissed when a branch escaped her grasp and smacked in the face. This was not what she had in mind when Josh had suggested a hike. Images of a picnic and cute hiking couple had enticed her to say yes with far greater enthusiasm than she usually would give for a hike.

“Come on babe, keep up. You’re going to love this view.”

She glanced ahead of her to the sight of Josh’s toned rear in his khakis and smiled. There were some perks to this hike. She had a great view for most of the hike.

“Stop staring at my ass, Marni.”

She chuckled and continued to admire the view in between navigating her way around bushes, logs, and boulders.

“Are we almost there yet? I didn’t realize this was an all-day hike.”

She whined, she knew she was whining. She didn’t care. He only grunted as he jumped over a log and went around another tree.

Stumbling after him, she nearly ran into him as he came to an abrupt stop. In front of them was a clearing, that wasn’t what had stopped them in their tracks though. No, that honor went to the large metal contraption that took up nearly half the large clearing. Marni was fairly certain it was a spaceship of some kind. She always knew aliens were real, but this was her first time meeting them.

“Josh, Josh! They’re here. Aliens!”

Her excited whisper may as well have been a yell given the deathly stillness of the forest around them. For his part, Josh only glared at her and tried to grab hold of her to stop her bouncing.

Before either of them could react the sky went dark and the contraption lit up. Beams of light shot out from several places on it. Josh scrambled away from the clearing but froze in place a foot into the forest when one of the light beams caught him. Marni went toward it of her own eagerness.

“Welcome daughter. Come, let us see you.”

She was going home. She had known since she was small that she didn’t fit in anywhere she went. This was proof of it. She climbed the metal steps into the belly of the ship without a second thought. She could hear Josh’s muffled yells behind her, but she didn’t even pause to listen. What did he know? He was the one that always said she should leave the UFO stuff alone.

“I am eager to be home. Where are we from?”

A dark laugh filled the room she found herself in. Looking around, she tried to see who it was, but everywhere she looked she could see only light. The lights dimmed. The room was filled with what looked like hospital beds. The walls were filled with panels of flashing lights. Between the panels hung tools of all shapes and sizes. They were cruel, sharp tools. Like the kind she had seen in her father’s office. He used them to operate on livestock, to cut them open and sew them up. A gasp filled the room, it was hers.

“Did you think it would be so easy little girl? Did you think you were some lost child from space? You, humans, are so easy.”

A tall dark form slid from the shadows. The only human like part of it was the middle, torso like portion. Arms sprouted from all sides of it. There were no legs, only a slug-like body that oozed a black fluid that swam around it on the floor. Its head was filled with eyes and teeth. She gulped and tried to back away, but there was nowhere to go. She was trapped. She had walked into the trap.

The being slithered closer to her, a long thin tongue flicked out from between the teeth and caressed her cheek. A long trail of saliva clung to her cheek as it pulled away.

“You taste delicious. You, humans, have such luscious fear.”

Tears coursed down her cheek as her body began to shake. She tried to move again, but again there was nowhere to go. Before she could think of anything further her body lifted from the ground and floated to one of the beds. She tried to fight it, but her body was no longer her own. She tried to scream, but her voice had been stolen. She tried to swallow, but her dry throat rebelled against her commands. This was it. She was done. She willed her eyes to close, prayed she would at least be given that small mercy. No. Even her eyes disobeyed.

She watched as the creature grinned and began his slow dissection of her body. The pain took hold until she could take it no more and darkness surrounded her like a mother’s bosom. Welcoming her into its cold comfort.


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