Mad Momma – Prompt Night

This short bit came as a result of the following image:

6469509c5a5c15a4c6009deb4a5e19b1--spider-art-mythological-creatures.jpgStory Time:

The cavern walls echoed with her raspy yell. Her children scattered between her legs. She had been woken from her slumbers by the sound of her babies shrieking in terror. Fear and anger had propelled her from her roost to the room where her children were tucked safely in their webbing. What greeted her was the sight of some adventurers attempting to set fire to her precious little ones.

Shooting with blind rage, she had cast webs in their direction, not caring where she caught them. Within minutes they were encased in a ball of webs. She could hear their muffled yells and screams but cared little if they lived or died.

“Mommy’s here. Shh, you’re safe.”

She took several minutes to soothe and calm her children before sending them back to their beds. Several of the youngest refused to be calmed, instead, they clung to her worse than any webbing could.

Turning her attention back to the webbing encased adventures, she could see where at least one of the more endeavoring of their party had begun to attempt to cut their way out. A small blade point peeked out of the webbing but was withdrawn a moment later. They could cut their way out, but she knew from experience it would take them far longer than they hoped. She glared at them as she pondered her options. The torch they had been attempting to use on her babes was laying on the ground, dropped and forgotten, and now sputtering with only the tiniest of embers remaining. She smiled.

“You know what they say… do unto others and you would have them do unto you. It seems you like a very warm reception…”

Making her way across the short distance of the cavern, she bent and picked up the torch. Blowing on it gently, she coaxed the flame back to life. When it was to her liking she lowered it until it rested on the head of one of the adventures. It was only a moment before they themselves became a torch.

She backed away quickly, not wishing to join their glowing display. Her children whimpered behind her.

“Shh my loves, they won’t bother us again.”