Blog Challenge #5: Truth and Death

This round of the Blog Challenge has arrived.

Amanda has challenged us to write a story using three little words. No, not those three little words…. These three little words:

Honesty. Hatred. Bed.

After some percolating and consideration, here is what my brain popped out, I hope you enjoy:


Honesty tasted like ashes on her tongue as she stared at the broken bed. Hatred swirled deep in her heart as she kicked at the remains of their love nest. It seemed like only that morning she had held her lover in her arms, kissing every wrinkle and freckle she could find. Instead, it was another lifetime, an eon ago.

“Til death do us part, right? Seems Death got jealous.”

She kicked another charred chunk of wood and twisted metal for good measure. Tendrils of smoke still curled up from the debris on the ground as a slight breeze teased and tugged at the ashes and half-burned papers strewn about.

“You tried to warn her. You did what you could.”

Fingertips pressed firmly against her shoulder, urging her to turn and walk away. She couldn’t though, not yet. There were no words left to say, but oh were there feelings to feel and pain to feel. She let herself feel all of it, think all of it, but all she heard was the silence and the rustling of what remained of their home. All she felt was the twisting pain eating her heart bit by painful bit.

“You had to tell her the truth. The truth is what sets us free.”

She clenched her teeth, willing herself to hold it all in. She already felt too much. She had already said too much. If this was being set free, she wished someone would cram her back into her cage and turn back the clocks.

“We must leave. Now. Before they return.”

She nodded numbly, this time letting those firm fingertips on her shoulder guide her away from the remnants of everything she had lost.

“They will not understand. Truth is not in their language. Only fear and pain.”

She could only shrug. If the language of the Others was pain and fear then maybe she would understand them at last. She felt enough pain to fill the entirety of the Galactic Void. Fear, that was harder. She did not feel it, she was beyond any tendrils of fear that may have once hoped to grab hold of her.

A soft whirring filled the air, the only warning the Others were approaching. Bracing herself for a fight, she nearly fell face forward when he pulled her after him through a crack in the wall.

“Fool, they will eat you like they did her. Honor her and live.”

She could only growl her frustration at him as she felt the walls around them shudder and groan at the approach of the Others. She knew Them, she had seen Them up close and personal. She felt no fear, only hatred. Her only desire was to rip their mandibled heads from their lanky, insectoid bodies. To rip their wings to shreds and dance on their twitching corpses. She could almost feel the viscous green gel that passed for blood of the Others dripping from her fingers.

“Get it together. We need to move.”

His whisper was harsh against her ears. He was right, she knew, still, she held her ground, one hand pressed against the wall beside the crack they had slipped through.

“There are too many for you to play hero.”

Grunting, she nodded and followed him out, promising to someday repay them for all they had given her. Pain for pain, loss for loss. Bodies for bodies. She would never forget.

“We will never forget. They will pay.”

She followed him between the rotting slats of their old home, replaying the last moments of her love before the incineration fuse had run out.

She had tried to warn her, had told her the truth about the Others. Had begged her to run while they still could. But nothing would move her love. Nothing. Not even when she had shown her love the truth. Not even telling her she was an Other.

She had removed the flesh suit and showed her spindly legs and faceted eyes, but still, her love begged her to stay. To let the lie stay.

The truth will set you free, but a lie would have let her live.


I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to leave me a note in the comments.

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Shroom Planet – Prompt Night Response

Prompt Nights on Discord are a wonderful way to get inspired to create new stories and new worlds. This story came as a result of the following image:

shroomp prompt

Story Time:

Alaric set his craft down as gently as possible on the foreign landscape. It was the tenth planet they had checked in nearly as many months. At this rate, his crew would be threatening mutiny if he didn’t give them shore leave soon. He made a mental note to send a pingback to the headquarters after their current assignment was complete. He hoped and prayed the powers that be would see reason and grant them some time off.

Clicking the screen from nav to viewport, he took in their new surroundings. It was unlike any of the other planets they had touched down on. Most were dark, angry worlds or just plain dead and hot. This one though was almost ethereal. The light filtering through the clouds had an almost misty feel to them. There were giant mushroom-like structures sprouting across the landscape and what looked like small pools of water at their base. The colors reminded him of a pastel painting with fairies and unicorns he had once seen in an exhibit on Old Earth.

“Cap, you seen the newest gorram playground they sent us to? Looks like fucking cotton candy land.”

He frowned over at Megatha, his second in command, and shook his head. The woman was a looker, but she had the mouth of a smuggler. Flipping her braid back over her shoulder she hitched her gun pack onto her back and led the way to the back bay doors. Together they slapped on their breather helms and took cautious steps onto the alien terrain.

“Cap, take a look at this. I think it’s a door. Think we should knock or kick?”

Alaric closed his eyes and counted silently to five. Opening his eyes, he looked over at Meg and shook his head. She knew better, they had this discussion at least once on nearly every outing he took her on.

“I’m going to stop taking you with me on these things, Meg. You can’t just kick in a door because you want to. We will knock. We are civilized and want to make friends, not have more folks want to kick our already limping asses.”

For her part, Megatha just grunted and nodded before knocking on the door. A tad harder than necessary, but at least it was a knock. They waited several moments, but no one answered. She banged again, this time making no pretense about knocking.

“No one’s home, Cap.”

“Thank you, Ms. Obvious. Let’s take a look around, maybe they’re out and about.”

Within moments of saying that he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning slowly, he noted the outline of something just below the surface of one of the pools of water. Stepping closer slowly. Kneeling at the edge of the water, he leaned closer to get a better look. Before he could blink or cry out he felt his body pulled from the edge and into the water. Arms and tails surrounded him, pulling him deeper under the water.

His last thoughts were of his crew and that they’d be led by Megatha now. He sent up a prayer as darkness pulled him deeper. His last thought was to wonder what the sharpness piercing his neck was.


As always, I hope you enjoyed the story. If you did enjoy it please like it and leave me a comment if you want.