New Challenges New Words!

Hello folks!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my new blog. My pen name is Gianna Robbin. I am a historian and teacher by day and a writer by night. I started writing poetry during the dark days of middle school. Stories came later, toward the end of high school, when I realized just how little I really knew.

I like to experiment with writing and see what kind of worlds I can create using words. In general, though I prefer to write mostly one vein of fantasy or science fiction or another. For fantasy, I tend to lean toward urban or dark fantasy. For science fiction I wrote soft science fiction, sorry but I don’t know enough to do the harder stuff.

I took a bit of a hiatus after completing my novella, Banshee Haunting, but I have recently begun to once again play with words and create stories. In between working on my masters and teaching students, I have been working on 2 stories.

One is full of gods, beasties, and 3 kick ass sisters determined to keep the world spinning.

The other is the story of a Faun who has been a guardian of the Mists and all those things that we think only lives in myth. He finds himself pulled into an adventure he never wanted to save a people he has no fondness for.

So now this brings to my current endeavor. I have joined the call to do a month long challenge of posting responses to set prompts. Our Fearless Leader, Amanda McCormick will provide the prompts. Then other writers and I will post the stories our muses throw at us.

I’m looking forward to this challenge as it will push me to grow as a writer and to explore new ideas and push through when normally I might walk away from an idea or topic.

So follow along as I begin what is sure to be a strange and interesting month long adventure. Be sure to follow some of the authors who will be joining me on this trek. You can find their pages here: Myloe YeagerZoya CharismMichael, and AJ 

3 thoughts on “New Challenges New Words!

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